Friday, October 21, 2011


All day yesterday the airwaves were filled with a new International killing. The killing of Moanmar Qaddafi, the former leader of Libya. Everyone was so excited about  it it seemed to be a party atmosphere world wide.

Muslims, Christian, Jews, and whoever elsewhere jumping up and down about this " Bad Man" being killed. Was he a bad man? Probably. Certainly. But was he a worst man than all the others? Just who's man was he for the last 41 years?

The most important thing in my mind is:

Who did he piss off enough to; dethrone him, bomb him, run him out of town, and drag his body through the streets, and kill him? And why?

Most puppets are kept in their box when not in use,then the hidden hand comes out and the puppet is animated with the power that keeps all dictators on the throne--that is until they out live their usefulness.

Just as Saddam Hussein...Oops oh yeah, "He dead." [like my 2 year old niece says about a fly she found lifeless on the window sill.]

Now, I already know that a few of you [if anyone is reading this besides the CIA] will take offence, and get your panties in a knot, because I'm not celebrating the death of another human being. I admit, from the reports we have gotten, he was an arrogant murderer. But, was killing him easier to swallow than keeping him alive and listening to what he had to say about his relationship with the WEST?

Side bar:
Have you ever wondered why the news stations always turn down the sound when folks are talking or talk over them when they are reporting a story? The only voice you hear--especially from the third world--is the voice of the interpreter or a reporter telling you what they say they said.

Well, yep he did murder, and torturer, and cheat, and lie, and was the asshole they say he was.  But, who's asshole was he again? Who kept him and other dictators in power? Is this the Arab Spring? Really? Or is a cover?
Was he killed because he killed his own people? Well, that is going on in Sudan and Somalia, Syria, and Bahrain as we speak. We see it happening everywhere. We've genocide in Bosnia, South Africa, Rwanda, South and Central America, and Asia...Oh yes China, but we owe them too much to talk about them. We know that puppetry runs the nations and it is a matter of time before the dummy wants to talk or your hand gets tired.

Be real! Can anyone be in power that long without someones hand being up their... back?

In this Global Society, which is another word for Imperialism with Capitalist overtones and a Socialist we-are-the-world type of vibe, with the jack-boots of Fascism. We the People of the world are considered useless eaters--that's what they call us especially in the so-called third world...hey what's the second world?

So, people being tortured and murdered may be the cover story for the dethroning and killing of Qaddafi, but they are just the smoke for that screen. Can your spell coup?

In Libya, they have a substance in the ground called Sweet Crude. This oil is highly prized all over the world, and although presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush Sr. and his George Jr. are no longer in power [but their policies still linger], is it coincidental that the two men they all hated are now dead? Not just dead but mutilated DEAD! I don't count Osama Bin Laden in that mix and someday I'll tell you why.

But, it is all about the OIL children.

This is a excerpt of an article from

14 September 2011, Sweetcrude, Tripoli- Libya will begin exporting crude oil from the eastern port of Tobruk within ten days and could be producing a million barrels per day within six months, the chairman of its National Oil Corporation said Wednesday.

The North African country badly needs revenues from its main industry to fund reconstruction after a nearly seven-month war, with violent clashes continuing between interim leaders and forces loyal to deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi, according to Reuters.
Benghazi-based oil firm Agoco confirmed on Monday that it had started pumping oil from its eastern Sarir field slightly ahead of a planned start date of 15 September.

“We should have enough oil for a 1-million-barrel shipment from Tobruk in eight to 10 days,” Nouri Berouin said in an interview in Benghazi.

He added that only Sarir was currently producing but that the country could reach output of 800,000 to 1 million bpd within six months.

“Our problem is with equipment and not production. We have a management crisis team for safety and maintenance. It will cost hundreds of millions to do all the repairs, not billions,” he said, adding that NOC was conducting a full damage survey.

So, could we say that Qaddafi's death made things better for the Oil Industry and the Corporations?

21 October 2011, Sweetcrude, Tripoli - Libya’s oil chief said the death of ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi and an end to NATO’S bombing campaign would hasten the return of the OPEC country’s oil to world markets by improving road links and quelling security concerns....However, the oil chief expected a boost in exports “very soon” as the first cargo was due to be lifted from the port of Zuietina, although he declined to provide an exact date.

Well, it starts again..but where will it all end? Who will be the next puppet to fall?
And, why are we so happy when someone dies? Why do we have to do the victory spiking of the ball? We need to be careful at what we pass off as a "Good Thing."